Over cocktails one night, we were discussing the upcoming Oscars and other awards of “the season” and thought that there should be an Award to recognize Moms for being Moms. Most everyone agrees that being a mom is “the world’s toughest job” (thank you Mullen). While there are priceless beautiful moments to keep us going, our days are long. We are cooks, drivers, doctors, teachers and loving moms with little or no “me time” and minimal appreciation or recognition. Well, now that has changed.  Time to roll out the red carpet, the Mommy Awards are here!

The Mommy Awards is an annual event where Moms can nominate other Moms (and Dads) in all kinds of fun categories like MacGuyver Mom, Fitspiration Mommy and Daddy Do Good. Winners in each categories receive prizes from our many partners! Last year more than 4,500 people participated in the voting…and that was just in LA. This year we are taking the event across the country!  And we want to hear from you!

May  - August       Nominations Submitted
September            Voting Takes Place
October                 Winners Announced


  • Crafty Mommy (Always has awesome art projects to do with the kids)
  • The Dairy Queen (produces enough breast milk for multiple kids…how does she do it?)
  • Eco Mommy (Lives a non-toxic, organic and eco-conscious lifestyle to protect her family and the environment)
  • Empty Nest Mom (Kids are out of the house but that doesn’t stop her from helping everyone else’s kids)
  • Fashion Plate Mommy (Even on play dates and at school she’s looking stylish)
  • Fitspiration Mommy (Worked really hard to get back in shape after baby!)
  • Hogs n Heffer Mommy (She gets wild on Mom’s night out)
  • Honey Badger Mommy (Don’t mess with this Mom)
  • Klean Mommy (Car is impeccable, kids impeccable, home impeccable, how does she do it?)
  • MacGyver Mommy (always has what you need in her bag)
  • Modern Mommy (Lastest and greatest stroller, high chair, you name it, she’s got it)
  • Office Mom (Making it all happen at home and at work)
  • PTA Mommy (Tirelessly volunteers at school and is on too many committees)
  • Sleepless Mommy (This mom is a zombie walking and needs award for her sacrifice)
  • Super Saver Mommy (Knows all the best deals and shares her secrets for saving )
  • Taxi Mommy (The carpool wonder, has 4 seats in her car even though only 2 kids)
  • Daddy Do Good (The Daddy who does it best)
  • The Granny Awards (The Granny who does it best

 Who Produces the Mommy Awards?

Pump StationSpearheaded by CEO, Cheryl Petran and partners (and Moms) Corky Harvey and Wendy Haldeman, The Pump Station & Nurtury is a staple in babydom in LA. For thousands of LA Moms, Motherhood begins at The Pump Station. With three locations including Santa Monica, West Lake and Hollywood, The Pump Station has been helping LA Moms overcome challenges, be better parents and find the best products for their babies. The Pump Station is also a drop-off location for Baby2Baby, an organization that supplies LA families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children 0-12 years old.

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