Alisa Donner and Anna Getty, Founders of Pregnancy Awareness Month: Educating Us on Healthy Pregnancies

ana and alisaIn 2008, author & lifestyle expert Anna Getty and Producer and MomPrenuer Alisa Donner, discovered they had a mutual desire to encourage women to embrace pregnancy.

As a prenatal yoga instructor, Anna was continuously asked for resources from her clients who desired a healthy pregnancy. However, she found herself continuously frustrated by the lack of resources available to offer them.

So she partnered with Alisa and together they created a special month dedicated to pregnancy awareness. Hoping to inspire women to make conscious, conscientious, holistic, and educated decisions, they focused on four key initiatives: Education, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, and Nurture.

Six years later, what started as an idea to create a month focused on pregnancy awareness (PAM), has grown into a thriving social media movement that has flourished nationally through the grassroots efforts of friends and partners. While they still host their signature May event, PAM is now more than a month. They have licensed events throughout the year and the country and their recently revamped website is available 24/7 providing tips, new products and social connection for all.

“It is exciting to see women all over the country being inspired to do this, to find something meaningful to them and want to share it. It’s a reminder that the idea of motherhood, pregnancy, and birthing lies within each and every woman.”

“We are truly stepping into our vision of becoming a national movement that encourages pregnant or newly post-partum women, to find a supportive community through PAM.”

So thank you Anna Getty and Alisa Donner for your incredible vision and for inspiring women everywhere to move into motherhood confidently, gracefully, and empowered!