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Abbie Schiller, The Mother Co, Ruby’s Studio and Redefining Screen Time!

img-35Abbie Schiller’s media and social influence began at thirteen, when she took it upon herself to reach out to an advertiser in Seventeen Magazine to inform them their ad needed to be, in her own words, “tweaked.”

Fast-forward to a successful career in PR and Brand Strategy while living in New York, she became a motivating force in helping companies find a stronger voice.

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Risa Goldberg and Leslie Venokur and their “Biggest Baby Shower Ever!”


In the spring of 2004, sisters Risa Goldberg and LeslieVenokur found themselves both experiencing the various stages of motherhood through the eyes of a working mom in the Big Apple. They also both found themselves frustrated with the lack of events, resources, and networking opportunities available to other young women in their shoes.

Both highly successful in their respective professions, they decided to put their entrepreneurial skills in full force and together created the now 500,000 member strong organization, Big City Moms.

Initially, their endeavor began as simply a series of “Mom’s Night Out” dinners held twice a month, where young mothers could share thoughts on balancing work, kids and life. But since then, Big City Moms has expanded into a national brand that includes weekly dinners, year-round special events, and a lifestyle website filled with valuable info for mothers and mothers-to-be! Continue reading

Alisa Donner and Anna Getty, Founders of Pregnancy Awareness Month: Educating Us on Healthy Pregnancies

ana and alisaIn 2008, author & lifestyle expert Anna Getty and Producer and MomPrenuer Alisa Donner, discovered they had a mutual desire to encourage women to embrace pregnancy.

As a prenatal yoga instructor, Anna was continuously asked for resources from her clients who desired a healthy pregnancy. However, she found herself continuously frustrated by the lack of resources available to offer them.

So she partnered with Alisa and together they created a special month dedicated to pregnancy awareness. Hoping to inspire women to make conscious, conscientious, holistic, and educated decisions, they focused on four key initiatives: Education, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, and Nurture. Continue reading

Corky Harvey, Wendy Haldeman, and Cheryl Petran… The Pump Station and Nurtury™ Team Helping New Moms Adjust To New Mom Life!

pump station headshotsIt was nearly 30 years ago when two young mothers Corky Harvey and Wendy Haldeman, learning to be mothers themselves, saw a need for parent education beyond the birth process. What initially began as a Baby Care ‘bootcamp’ class offered out of their homes, has since evolved into a nationally recognized premier breastfeeding resource center, now known as The Pump Station and Nurtury™.

“We had 50 breast pumps to rent,” Ms. Haldeman says. “We were open part time; we had a part-time secretary. And in three years, we were renting 1,000 pumps” at a time.  Continue reading

Lindsay Pinchuk, Entreuprenuer, Mommy of 2, and Bon Jovi Super Fan

lindsay pinchukOn Twitter, you can find her described as “Founder of Bump Club & Beyond, connecting moms and moms-to-be all over the US. Devoted Wife. Proud Mom. Camper for life. Bon Jovi Super Fan”

Lindsay Pinchuk’s profound impact on moms and moms-to-be, began in 2010, when, pregnant with her first daughter, she realized that moms and moms-to-be in Chicago needed a place to meet and connect with one another. “There was nothing for expectant moms to form a community,” she says.

At the time she worked as an advertising executive, so she began by organizing events at night. When 50 women showed up just from word of mouth for her “babymoon” trip to the spa, she knew she was onto something.

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rachel sarnoffRates of children’s illnesses—including cancer, asthma and autism—are escalating at such a rapid pace, many are considered epidemic. Chemicals in our environment, which children absorb at a rate much higher than adults, are believed by many scientists to be the cause. Yet many of these chemicals are so easy to avoid!

Enter inspiring mom and one of last year’s Eco Mommy nominees, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, partner in the swap boutique, consultant for EWG, sustainability Blogger at and Founder of Mommy Greenest. The latter of which, Rachel created as a resource for healthier living with less judgment because in her words “You shouldn’t have to be a scientist to raise healthy kids.”

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Dr. Maida Galvez

Maida GalvezThe Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine conducts groundbreaking research to identify the environmental causes of childhood disease. They focus on translating their findings into solutions that protect children’s health by using research to educate families and change public policy.  For example, moms who had their children even as recently as 7 years ago probably had never heard of BPA.  Yet I bet if you asked anyone with a newborn today, I would guess that the majority of them know to look for BPA products!  We owe our thanks to the CEHC and their world class scientists for conducting research that has been able to change public policy, not to mention helping families to educate themselves on the hazards of toxic chemicals.

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