MAW-crafty-mommy-sally-torchinskyLast year’s Crafty Mommy winner was Sally Torchinsky. Sally is the craftiest mom I know. Her house is better then most pinterest pages! Sally has incredible imagination and I am always astounded by how creative she is. And, I might add, with so little time! Being a stay at home mom is hard, but Sally makes it looks like a piece of cake. For a baby shower of a dear friend she made an amazing stove out of nothing but cardboard boxes! She turns old diaper boxes in to vintage looking VW play cars. She made the best halloween costumes. Really the list goes on and on. But, above all else, Sally is a great mom and defiantly deserves to win. Hopefully this boost would get her to start her own etsyy page. – Samantha Tabak

Crafty Mommy
Betsy Cibrian
Betsy deserves a Mommy Award because she is super crafty on a budget! She is always available to help out and create beautiful party favors & decorations, invites, kids projects, cakes, pastries, costumes and so on. All of her crafts are amazing - things you could find in catalogues. Her daughter is so lucky to have a mom who will turn any piece of paper or food into an art project. Her pieces of art aren't just beautiful, they are practical and have many functions. Please vote for Betsy!
Michelle Villemaire
Michelle is one of the most inventive people I know. Her quick wit and sense of humor make her a joy to be around. She is also incredibly creative. I love her site where she writes about handy DIY tips. Her FB page is also a great resource for projects and ideas too!