MAW-daddy-do-good-david-rozeLast year’s Daddy Do Good winner was David Roze. David is truly the most wonderful, compassionate, INVOLVED father and I am so very lucky to be married to him. For David, parenting is truly an equal partnership. From the very beginning, he has been actively involved with raising our son. Diaper changes? No problem! Middle of the night feedings? He’s on it! Baths? Laundry? Meals? Playtime? This guy is in it to win it.

He races home from work every day to be with us and has put his family above everything else in his life. He does these things not out of begrudged obligation, but because he truly loves to. It’s not that the way he has become an amazing father has surprised me, because he was always a wonderful person before this, but the depth of his love and care for this addition to our lives has just overwhelmed me. 

He rarely takes any time to take care of himself because he is so driven to take care of us. He deserves so much I wish I could give him. I truly believe he is worthy of this recognition for the amazing care he gives to others. I am writing this while he folds laundry, so I’d better go help him. Thank you.  -Adriana Roze

Daddy Do Good
Darin Goka
When I met my friend Darin, I didn't know he was a single father. He especially caught my eye one day when he was dressed on Halloween Day in full costume gear as a "nerd" with hair parted, slicked down the middle, broken glasses and an outfit to match. He said he was going to his daughter's first grade Halloween parade. He had me at "how sweet" this man & father must be. We married years later and had a little boy of our own, to whom he has also dressed up each day as a real life superman. xo
Michael Paul Leon
He's the best husband and father in one person. He plays with our son (ruckus time!) and then gently rocks and sings him to sleep. He LOVES sleep and we were not blessed with a sleeper so he sacrifices his own sleep to let me rest. I had trouble breastfeeding early on and had baby blues, and he lifted me up through all of that. He even says "I wish I could breastfeed" because he sees how exhausted I am. Who says that!? He tells me I'm beautiful when I feel like a mess. I love and adore this man.