Kristen HennigerLast year’s Eco-Mommy winner was Kristen Henninger. Kirstin is a dedicated environmentalist, both personally and professionally. While she has “fancy” degrees from top schools and could command a much higher salary and greater prestige, she has chosen the path of her heart and for the planet. Kirstin founded Green Cafe Network in a time when is wasn’t so hip or en vogue to focus on going green, yet she felt it was important and wanted to make a difference. Since then the org. has made a real difference in San Francisco & Los Angeles. 

At home Kirstin also walk her talk. She is the consummate recycle/re-use/reducer, even when it comes to her daughter (no she didn’t recycle her!) The whole family chooses to compost, shop at garage sales, trade clothes with friends, walk or bike instead of drive, etc….

Eco Mommy
Tania Reuben
As a passionate advocate for the eco-conscious lifestyle, Tania is the true embodiment of an Eco Mommy. After being the go-to green mommy in her circle of friends for many years, Tania started the Pure Natural Diva blog to educate, inform and inspire women all across the globe to be eco-conscious with their purchasing habits, ensuring that their households were a safe environment for their children to grow up in. After years of extensive research and recommendations on her blog, Tania realized that she could not find a suitable safe scent all-natural perfume. Instead of discarding these findings, Tania proactively decided to design a signature Pure Natural Diva line of perfumes and thus PND Botanicals was born in 2013. Since the launch of her all-natural, organic company, she has developed lines of skincare and bodycare products. All-in-all, Tania is extremely deserving of a Mommy Award because of the enormous impact she's had on moms locally and globally.
Natalia Lazarus
My wife is always researching strategies to create the optimal environment to raise our kids. She planted a garden in our backyard, teaches our kids where food comes from and how blessed they are to have it. She has improved all of our lives by reducing toxins in our home, providing clean, nourishing food and instilling a philosophy of gratitude and wellness. She is passionate about creating wellness for all kids and has become a Certified Eco-Consultant and created her business, Generation Pure
Rachel Sarnoff
Rachel is the ultimate green mommy. She is tirelessly concerned with living a clean, eco-friendly existence and especially with educating others about how they, too, can remove toxins from their lives and their homes. Rachel IS Mommy Greenest.
Lyndsi O\'Brien
Lyndsi is amazing & kind! She is a Founding Consultant with Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, & knows so much about non-toxic living. She has been with the company since the beginning & passes on her knowledge to customers & her team. She is truly passionate about the non-toxic issue & has taken her family to GMO activist events. She has a FB page called "Picture Yourself Healthy" where people can post healthy food photos & share recipes. Best of all, she is always still learning and that is so inspiring.