MAW-hotty-botaty-samantha-tabakLast year’s winner for the Hotty Botaty Award (we changed it to Fitspiration) was Samantha Tabak. My friend Sam has totally rocking body and she deserves every inch of it. I’m so proud of her totally healthy and still somehow casual commitment to her own fitness and her family’s nutrition. A rock star in the kitchen and fox on the playground, Sam is an inspiration and a total hottie. – Sally Torchinksy

Fitspiration Mommy
Angie Stewart Goka
Angie is a true motivator. With a never say never attitude she encourages moms to make the time every day to take care of themselves physically and nutritionally. Her Road to Awesome program has changed lives for so many! She is a busy mom of two who always makes time to listen and advise women regarding their fitness health.
Rebeccah Wassner
Rebeccah (Bec) deserves this award because she took the brave step of having her first child in the prime if her career as a professional athlete. She has worked tirelessly to prove that she can return to racing faster than ever, despite having residual pain from a c-section. She has shared her story and progress on the Athlete Moms section of the blog. Her determination and fearlessness are an inspiration to all moms returning to fitness after having a baby.
Sara Haley
I don't know how she does it. Sara manages to balance her personal life, husband and two small children under the age of 3, with a demanding career. Even while she was pregnant and couldn't physically teach group fitness classes she provided her fitness expertise by contributing articles that help and encourage other women to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Her passion, and what really drives all the work that she does, is to inspire all women to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.