MomPreneur Mommy
Mary-Arden Collins
Mary is mom to Bodhi, age 5. She runs her own small business catering to parents and young children and runs an online network of 500+ "Goddess Mamas" to embrace their inner goddess warrior as they raise their children in a crazy (and sometimes toxic) world. A musician and yoga teacher, Mary incorporates both in her LoveBug & Me classes throughout LA and encourages and inspires parents to be their best selves for their kids. Mary has too many talents to list here and deserves some recognition!
Jennifer Levinson
Jen has worked for over a decade to bring great resources to moms all over SoCal with her daily emails and website! She's an inspiration.
Anna-Mieke Anderson
My friend, Anna-Mieke, deserves the 'MomPreneur' Mommy award because she inspires me everyday. She balances being a (GREAT) full time, single Mom with her passion for giving back and creating awareness. She is inspiring generations to be empowered consumers through her business MiaDonna & Company: An eco-friendly diamond jewelry company that has found a meaningful way to fill a demand, with a charitable twist -
LaShawn Paul
As owner of Social Work Diva, she provides therapy for women of all ages and stages in their life. After having her son, she has taken an interest in working with pregnant women and moms as they transition and embark upon the unknown territory of motherhood. She motivates moms to self care and obtaining work-life balance.She has worked with women throughout the country via Skype, while at the same time juggling her own nine month old, homemade organic pureed foods, and swim class.
Kristen Burden
She is the best of all worlds. A devoted wife, mother and working mom. The Daily Mom app she created is a one stop shop for all the news busy moms need in less time than it takes to make a pb&j sandwich! I admire her dedication to every task she takes on. Her creativity always leaves me speechless.