Overcoming Obstacles Mommy
Jennifer Weisner
Jennifer is not just an amazing mom but an amazing citizen, friend, wife, daughter, nurse practitioner, etc. Jennifer has a beautiful little 6 year old girl and an adorable 2 year old son that is blind. She not only takes amazing care of him but is also a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner. She is always giving of herself to her family, friends, and patients. Jennifer has so much passion and is always trying to do what is best for her family and usually puts herself last. I admire her so much To enable screen reader support, press shortcut ?+Option+Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press shortcut ?slash.
Algerita Sanders
She home schooled her oldest children. All started a grade ahead and are honor students. She invests time and energy and her brilliant children recently competed in an International Church Spelling Bee and all of them placed (the 6 yr old placed 2nd in his age group, the 9 yr old placed first and the 8 yr old placed 3rd in their age group). Each of her children have addressed large groups and prepared their own speeches and are just impeccable children. She's my sister in law and I am so proud!