PTA Mommy
Rebekah Tolin
This young woman is more than my friend; she is my niece. She mothers a baby boy on her own while birthing her Occupational Therapy Business full time. She is eco conscious in raising 3 year old Aiden. Her clients write Yelp raving reviews about her miracles produced with their children at work while each night at home she is reading voraciously to her young son. He's loved, amazing and truly a delightfully curious and precious boy. It is my pleasure to honor her with this nomination!
Melanie Bock
Melanie is an amazing mommy to her son and to her two stepchildren as well. She is nurturing, loving, supportive and always puts her kids first. She is a wonderful role model and her kids are so lucky to have her.
Jennifer Willey
Jennifer juggles mommy life of a 5 and 7 year old with grace! She handles PTA, Team Mom, Dance Mom and blog Goddess-hood with ease. Additionally, she is is the team mom of her husbands softball team which consider her their second mom and often ask for her advice when they can't talk to their own mom. I am happy to nominate her!