MAW-sleepless-la-Debi-BradshawLast year’s winner was Debi Bradshaw. My sweet friend Debi is so deserving of this award. She has been a walking zombie for the last two years with her sweet son who just has had nonstop sleep problems. Between that and contracting a long illness herself that has kept her awake, she needs REST, big time. But she still manages to have a smile on her face and is so compassionate and giving to her son and others. She could use some encouragement (and a full night’s sleep). 

Sleepless Mommy
Deb Longua-Zamero
I would love to nominate my amazing wife for every category. Deb gave up 20 years as a successful Designer to stay home with Luca (24/7) for 5 yrs. Never had a nanny, sitter, or any help. She does it all. When clients came a calling, Luca attended all the meetings. Not always did that go time, Deb was in a construction meeting with 10 men (Contractors, Architects, Engineers), and Luca pulled put a maxi pad on the conference table! Ugh!
Laura Gail Diamond
Laura Gail has four children and has the patience like a saint. Two of her children have special needs. She has no help at home. Not even an occasional date night with her husband, who works over 60 hours a week. Laura Gail is working herself as well in a successful business of her own. She truely is the glue that holds her household together. Everyone comes before her. She wakes up at 5 am and does not lay down until 1:30 am. From Dr. app to therapy app to fun times for kids non stop.
Jammie Thompson
This married mother of two works 3 jobs and still manages to keep it all together. She works with special needs babies in the morning and grade school kids after school them goes home to her own two. Gets home work, cleaning cooking and hygiene all done to keep the 7:00 bedtime in tact. She also has a photography business that she squeezes in and I don't know how. Weekends are strictly for her kids, play dates, dinner or having a movie day. She is the absolute best and can do it all I wish I can nominate her for them all.
Trina Fenton
Trina not only is an AMAZING mother to her 1 1/2 year old daughter Miranda, but she also works full time AND participates in tons of mommy events which she writes about on her blog, she's very involved in social media and last - but certainly not least - she's been a huge help and amazingly supportive to me personally as I've been going through my own pregnancy. I couldn't think of someone who deserves this award more!
Cindy Kehagairas