MAW-granny-joyce-warmanLast year’s Granny Award winner was Joyce Warman. Joyce is the PERFECT woman for this award! She truly is the most wonderful granny in the world. There are so many reasons she deserves it. To me, one of the things that makes her so incredible is the way she continuously lifts her grandchildren up and makes it a point to shower them with love and encouragement! A Warman family tradition that I love (and will take on when I have a family of my own one day) is on each their birthdays, each family member shares a statement of affirmation to the birthday boy or girl, sharing something specific that they love about them! She is a very special person with a heart full of love for her grandchildren.

The Granny Awards
Grandma Evrille
My mom Evrille is known by most as GOGGO (which means grandma in Zulu). She has 7 grandkids and none of us could manage without her! Goggo puts her kids and grandkids before her in every way. The kids come first. She's been an educator her whole adult life - so even at the end of her very busy school days - she will come and sit tirelessly with my kids to be sure they are up to par with their own school work. As a working mother, I rely on her to shuttle the kids back and forth to playdates / after school enrichments and she happily stays way past bed time to read their favorite stories - such as the Jimmy Jones series she published in South Africa. Goggo is always there with open arms, a great activity planned, and never ending patience! Oh, did I mention that 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and still suffers from severe arthritis? Nothing stops her and we are all so blessed to have her in our lives.
Kristi Petersen
Kristi is one of the most amazing people I know. She and her husband are raising their granddaughter, Kayla, because Kristi's daughter is battling drug addiction. Kristi mothers Kayla with all her heart. She is also very active at school riving any first-time kindergarden parent. She also runs an addiction support group at her church. I want to acknowledge what a wonderful job she is doing and how lucky Kayla is to have her in her life. I count my blessings I can call her my friend.