2013 Mommy Awards

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the First Annual Mommy Awards recognize Moms just for being awesome moms! Moms vote for their favorite Moms in categories like MacGuyver Mommy, Hotty Botaty Mommy and Dairy Queen Mommy. There’s even a super popular Daddy Do Good category and The Granny Awards. Support the mom nominees by voting today. Brought to you in partnership by MomAngelesThe Pump Station & Nurtury and Kids in the House. PS – if you are a Mom who was nominated and don’t have your picture up next to your profile its not too late. Email it to laura@momangeles.com

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Do You Need The Best King Size Mattress?

There are various kinds of mattress to suit different sizes of beds and one of them is the king size mattress which is probably the biggest size of mattress that can fit a big bed. Alternatively the king size mattress can also be placed on the floor without the user loosing any form of comfort due to its thickness. The approximate size of a king size mattress is usually 76 inches wide and 80 inches long although this measurements differ depending on which country the king size mattress comes from. The king size mattress also come with various forms and this include those that are styled with either air chambers, springs, foam and water. Everybody seems to invest their money on a good mattress since everyone wants to enjoy their comfort when they need to relax or rather sleep.

Benefits of the best king size mattress

The experience of owning a king size mattress is an exceptional one for couples because it provides them with a wide ample space that enables them to move freely and also suitable for growing families with kids since it gives enough bonding time with them when they are around. The best king size mattress is a better choice for durability due to its thickness that makes it to last longer compared to other types of mattress in the market. When it comes to owning the best king size mattress, everything from the density to the mattress options exudes quality with the goal of the homeowners being to demonstrate that perfect addition of luxury in their bedrooms.

Pros of the king size mattress

The advantages that come with owning the best king size mattress are numerous due to the fact that king size mattresses provides the ultimate comfort when it comes to relaxing for the homeowners and some of these advantages are as follows:

-Ample space; one can comfortably spread out across the bed without interfering with their sleeping as well reducing problems brought about by partner tossing and turning around during the night. This factor makes the king size mattress the best choice for couples.

Health benefits;

the best king size mattress assists in the better support for the back part of the body as one is capable of spreading out in any desired position. This type of mattress will therefore perfectly mold the shape of the body thus ensuring enough comfort with reduced body aches and pains.


the best king size mattress is usually made up of quality materials and is of high density hence its longevity is prolonged thus saving the homeowners from the costs that are brought about in purchasing another mattress for a good period of time.

Cons of the king size mattress

The king size mattress also has its disadvantages to the homeowners which should be looked upon before one considers to buy the king size mattress and these disadvantages as discussed below:


the king size mattresses are expensive because the cost does not only cater for the purchase of the mattress but also an increased cost in the purchasing of bed sheets, duvets and bed covers. The cost is also felt when it comes in using the laundry services when washing the bedding.

Reduced room space;

he king size bed willl consume much more space in the bedroom thus creating a little room to stuff other stuffs and movements hence one should always consider measuring their room dimensions before upgrading to a king size mattress.

Low heat retention;

the large size of the king size mattress can at times be colder than the smaller mattress since thy take a longer duration to get warm and do not retain the heat effectively especially if the mattress is only used by one person.


The best king size mattress has several attributes but the vital benefit is the unrivaled luxury that it brings to the users. The best king size mattress also come with different kinds of styling options and the benefits include the comfort and health benefits which makes it the best option for those people sleeping on uncomfortable mattress. They are a must have for anyone who wants to have a long and restful sleep as well as for those who want to alleviate the pains and aches of sleeping uncomfortably by providing them with enough space to spread out freely. Of course, its size is what makes it comfortable, suitable and the best for homeowners.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best Steam Shower

Steam showers offer luxurious comfort anywhere they are installed well and used. This is why it is no longer news that where ever you find quality gyms, spas, massage parlors, and health clubs, you are bound to also find the best steam showers. Many people spend long hours in steam showers because of their unique ability to help them relax strained muscles, give strength to their tired bodies and sooth joints of the body that ache.

Since steam showers possess these unusual abilities, many manufacturers of steam showers have turned their focus to homes. This is to give homeowners the feel of a quality spa right there in the comfort of their living rooms. These new line of products rolled out by these manufacturers, offer the total shower package and simple equipments that are capable of giving the simplest showers the special steam capabilities. Home owners can now add steam showers to their everyday bathrooms in order to get that special feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Home owners across the United States are relatively new to the process of choosing the best steam showers, therefore they are prone to making several errors. The steam shower reviews would help you make those important decisions and give you an idea or two on what to look for when you decide to purchase a steam shower.


A steam shower like the name suggests, has the typical feel of your everyday bathroom but is enhanced with doors that are vapor tight and special generator of steam. This generator helps to heat water to boiling level and then gives out the vapor into your bathroom. Your bathroom in this case must possess ceilings, floors and walls that are vapor-tight and can allow the room stay moist with hot vapor.

For home owners, it is important to note that steam showers does not change your regular bathrooms. You can still have the normal water control systems and more than one shower heads, if you so please. The new addition will just be a bench where you will seat and enjoy the soothing steam bath.


Not everyone can use steam shower. As a matter of fact, pregnant women, people with diabetes and high blood pressure should consult their doctors first before they consider using a steam shower. Also, very young children should never use a steam shower.

Installing a steam shower, isn't like purchasing your everyday home appliances like a washing machine. You should be ready to pay a trained contractor to install it for you, and the bathroom where you choose will have to be modified to handle the steam so as to avoid moisture damages and mold problems.


You have several options to consider when you want to install a steam shower. Two options are always available; you either buy a complete steam shower kit and install it or you get a steam generator and install it in specially prepared enclosed room. If the latter is your preferred choice, then you need to know the right kind of steam generator that you should purchase.


These steam showers are made specifically to fit perfectly into your bathroom. So if you are looking for the steam shower that will fit into your bathroom, then this should be the perfect fit for you.

It is not complicated, nor difficult to manage. You can describe them as customized bathrooms with a steam generator and the capacity to withstand vapor. The walls, floors and ceiling are tiled completely and the doors also can be completely sealed. It usually comes with a special kind of seat for your comfort and luxury.

Since it is a customized steam shower, you can add whatever equipment that you feel you need, ranging from rain showers to rain towers. Luxury steam showers can be quite expensive depending on the nature of work required and the equipments that you need to install. However if you are looking to beat down cost, you can consider converting a simple shower. For this, you will need to fix a new shower door, tile all the surfaces that are not tiled but are exposed to the interior and finally install a steam generator and the relevant controls that are needed.

You will also need to speak to your contractor, to set the tiles in a mortar bed in order to enhance water resistance. This will ensure that your home is safe from steam damages that may arise from the use of a steam shower.


You should be ready to spend "big" if this is the choice of a steam shower that you want to make. As you would expect, they are fortified with all the features that a standard steam shower should have. With $20,000 – $30, 000, you should be able to get yourself one of these scintillating steam showers. Added features could include aqua-pressure for foot massage, aromatherapy, water-resistant radios and CD player, ipod hookups, ceiling rain showers, and lots more. They could be small in size or big enough to contain up to 10 people or more in some cases.


If you are looking for a rather quick and cheap alternative, then you can easily install a modular unit. A budget of $3000 – $5000 should do the trick and get you the essentials for this kind of steam shower. This type of steam shower unit possesses an integral door(s), multiple shower heads, molded seats, steam dispensers and many more. With a modular steam shower unit, you can have a normal shower and also a steam bath. Some of the units come with a whirlpool bathtub at the base.

You should note however that your choices are limited if you choose to go with this kind of steam shower unit. You can purchase a modular steam shower online, hot tub stores and home sauna. Be sure to check for dimensions when you make your purchase.


The soul of a steam shower is the steam generator, it generates all the steam and vapor that will be needed in the steam shower. You need to consider the following factors if you are looking to get steam generator for your new steam shower.

1.   The controls must suit the standards of the kind of steam shower that you are looking build.

2.   You should prepare a budget of $500 to $2500 in order to get a standard steam generator depending on the size and features that it may have.

3.   The generator should be sized correctly so as to be able to produce the kind of steam that the enclosed room requires.