The 2013 Winners!

Congratulations Moms (and Dads and Grandmas)! Your friends nominated you and the MomAngeles and Pump Station community voted for you. You are the Official Winners of our 2013 Mommy Awards! Congrats to all below!

The Mommy Awards are brought to you in partnership by MomAngelesThe Pump Station & Nurtury and Kids in the House. We would like to extend a big thank you to The Pump Station Moms for all their support, Plum District and Kristin Cruz of KOST 103.5 for all the additional promotion. Thank you to all of our sponsors and friends who posted and tweeted throughout the nominations and voting. And the the Moms who took time to nominate their friends, emailed and texted each other about the voting, kept us looped in on any issues they were having with our new voting system, gave us feedback, sent us kudos, and kept the excitement going – you made it happen!  Thank you!

Top Chef Allie Browne
Top Chef – Allie Browne
Super Saver - Kristine Gardener
Super Saver – Kristine Gardener
Sleepless in LA - Debi Bradshaw
Sleepless in LA – Debi Bradshaw
PTA Mommy - Michelle Garcias
PTA Mommy – Michelle Garcias
Mommy's Choice - Dawn Alva
Mommy’s Choice – Dawn Alva
MacGuyver Mommy - Beth Lulu
MacGuyver Mommy – Beth Lulu
Hotty Botaty - Samantha Tabak
Hotty Botaty – Samantha Tabak
Honey Badger - Melissa Greenshner
Honey Badger – Melissa Greenshner
Granny Award - Joyce Warman
Granny Award – Joyce Warman
Fashion Plate - Adriana Rose
Fashion Plate – Adriana Rose
Eco Mommy - Kristen Henninger
Eco Mommy – Kristen Henninger
Dairy Queen - Ashley Jennet
Dairy Queen – Ashley Jennet
Crafty Mommy - Sally Torchinsky
Crafty Mommy – Sally Torchinsky
Daddy Do Good - David Roze
Daddy Do Good – David Roze