rachel sarnoffRates of children’s illnesses—including cancer, asthma and autism—are escalating at such a rapid pace, many are considered epidemic. Chemicals in our environment, which children absorb at a rate much higher than adults, are believed by many scientists to be the cause. Yet many of these chemicals are so easy to avoid!

Enter inspiring mom and one of last year’s Eco Mommy nominees, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, partner in the swap boutique GivePlusTake.com, consultant for EWG, sustainability Blogger at www.HarmonyNosara.com and Founder of Mommy Greenest. The latter of which, Rachel created as a resource for healthier living with less judgment because in her words “You shouldn’t have to be a scientist to raise healthy kids.”

“In creating Mommy Greenest, I kept coming back to the idea of those birds—as well as our children—and the safe environment that is the birthright for both of them,” says Rachel of starting her blog.

By taking small steps to keep toxic chemicals out of our lives, she believes we can act collectively to protect our nest for all the world’s children.

A mother of three, whose family spans kindergartener to teen, she writes about everything from going organic with the kids, battling a lice infestation without chemicals, exploring veganism, DIYing, and so much more.

“My family and I eat organic and sometimes grow vegetables–and I drive a relatively large SUV. So maybe I’m not the greenest mommy on the block, but I try to make daily choices that can help us create a healthier lifestyle–without judgement.”

She depends on trusted resources like the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Consumer Guides to help guide her decision-making process and the ever-updating International Chemical Secretariat SIN (Substitute It Now) List or TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange List of Potential Endocrine Distruptors). But she also reserves the right to reject or endorse brands based on gut instinct—it’s usually right.

So Rachel, Mommy Awards salutes you, not only as an Eco Mommy, a Momprenuer Mommy, and most likely a Sleepless Mommy, but as an inspiration to Mommy’s everywhere to KEEP GREEN!

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