Rosie Pope, Mom of 4, Entrepreneur and Friend to New Moms

rosie popeWe recently had a chance to chat with Rosie Pope, mom of 4, entrepreneur and friend to new moms. Rosie is the author of Mommy IQ , CEO of Rosie Pope Maternity and star of Bravo reality sow Pregnant in Heels. She has four children ages 5 to 5months.

TMF: What inspired you to start Rosie Pope Maternity?
I worked for a period of time at Pea in a Pod maternity and realized there weren’t a lot of options out there for expecting moms. So I launched my own maternity line. Over time moms started coming to me asking questions about motherhood and out of that my concierge service grew.

TMF: How do you manage your busy day? Words of advice for working moms?
Be present in everything you do. Its easy to feel like work and family pull you away from each other.  Be fully there in every moment.

TMF:  What charities are you involved in?
I’m very supportive of BabyBuggy who does a lot for families in need.

TMF: What advice would you share with Moms who are battling infertility?
Believe that you will have your family. It may not be the family you originally envisioned but your family will happen for you.

TMF:  Why do you think we should honor Moms? What makes Moms special?
Moms are awesome. We often can’t see ourselves for who we are as Moms. Sometimes it takes seeing us through our friend’s eyes, our friend who nominated us for an award, to realize just what a great job we are doing.

TMF: If you were going to nominate a Mom for a Mommy Award who would it be and why?
My nanny Geraldine who takes care of my family of 4  kids every day and then goes home to care for her family of 5 kids. She’s amazing!